Five steps to successfully working at home

Our workplace team have been focused on the future of work and offices for the past 40 years. They understand the stresses and strains that working from home can have on people’s well-being as well as mental health.

During this challenging period, when the majority of team members and colleagues are working remotely, it’s important that we look after ourselves and each other, changing our style of communication to fit the situation we’re in.

We have developed a five-step strategy for successfully working from home.

1. Working in a virtual environment

Find out the five main pillars to working effectively with your team while working remotely

2. Methods to organize your day

Prioritize your daily goals with the ABC Analysis Method

3. Effective communication & connectivity

Effectively communicate and stay connected to your team in three simple steps

4. Virtual meetings & tools

Determine the intent of your meeting and cater your virtual tools to the meeting style

5. Tips & tricks for remote work

Discover the best way to manage your work from home day to be your most effective

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