A guide to holding virtual meetings and tools

Being at the end of a group video call or phone call can be challenging at the best of times. In this new world, where the majority of us are working remotely, the chance for face to face meetings is minimal. How can we ensure that we get the best out of each other and the technology that we use?

This short guide will take you through some tips and tricks for success.

Plan the style of your meeting in advance

Technology success factors

For hosts

  • Send information to share in advance or prepare an email to send to those that cannot join virtually
  • Run through the material prior so you can succinctly convey information and efficiently manage the meeting
  • Test the system; join virtual meetings early as a host
  • Take role during the meeting using the chat feature
  • Have programs or documents to share on-screen open
  • Assign different responsibilities to keep members engaged
  • Use a mix of mediums in presentation (i.e. video, polls, etc) ensures high engagement

For attendees

  • Set up correctly; arrange your background (keep it neutral), remove distractions, and avoid direct sunlight to be seen
  • Prepare yourself; dress professionally and have meeting material on hand
  • Ensure audio and visual technology works before the call
  • Introduce yourself as you join the call
  • Go on mute when not talking
  • Use the chat function as an alternative, if needed

Download the guide to find out the best tools to use for your virtual meetings

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