Promoting collaboration and excellence through streamlined information management

As the industry negotiates its way around a drastically-altered working landscape, projects are increasingly in complexity. Collaboration is now happening in the virtual world and resilience has become vital to the successful delivery of buildings and infrastructure.

The use of common data environments (CDEs) will be key moving forward. AECOM’s industry-leading CDE experts are currently supporting projects and clients by promoting a more consistent approach to information management through the creation of streamlined workflows, templates and training.

More than ever, we are finding that traditional methods of managing information are becoming increasingly inefficient. Hard copy 2D drawings and paper documents that are created and presented at review and design development meetings – or emailed to other project design teams for review, revision and update – don’t enable effective collaboration. Likewise, each project stakeholder manages the production of CAD models, drawings and documents within their own distributed environment, usually on a range of disconnected file servers.

Instead, we use Autodesk BIM360 and Bentley ProjectWise as the CDEs of choice for collaborative design and engineering information management, as well as Microsoft Teams for non-design collaboration. The use of industry-leading CDEs maintains a secure, accessible and consistent approach to information management and supports our ability to deliver technical excellence on projects and share work on a global scale.

We deploy Autodesk BIM360, ProjectWise, and Microsoft Teams on projects of all sizes and complexities, from the simplest, single discipline assignment to the largest, multi-regional, multi- disciplinary commissions. Under these challenging circumstances, we bring industry-leading experience and capability to the table through a partnering approach with our clients.

Our key capabilities

  • Globally connected Digital Project Delivery Team
  • Largest global enterprise agreements with Autodesk BIM360 and Bentley ProjectWise
  • Setting up and centrally managing data standards, templates, procedures and workflows
  • Advanced and connected systems/data integration
  • GIS and spatial data analysis
  • Data science centre of excellence
  • Training and upskilling client staff on design, processes and quality control procedures

Selected experience examples

Georgia Department of Transportation GA400 Express Lanes, USA

Our US transportation staff are continuing to drive the completion of costing plans for the GA400 Express Lanes project as part of Georgia Department of Transportation’s Major Mobility Investment Program. AECOM serves as the General Engineering Consultant for this 16-mile, $1.5+ billion managed lane expansion project, due to be let to construction as a design, build, finance, and maintain contract in 2021. Our staff have been collaborating and delivering for the project remotely using resources from offices in Florida, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Virginia. We are used to mobilizing decentralized resources and bring the power of AECOM’s integrated digital solutions to help deliver major projects for our clients.

LinkedIn Project Delivery Optimisation, Global

Following our successful management of the project and programme to deliver LinkedIn’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) headquarters in Dublin, we were asked to set up a Project Delivery Optimisation (PDO) team to apply this process across LinkedIn’s growing portfolio of global workplaces.

To facilitate this, our PDO team has developed a bespoke digital ‘Project Management Playbook’. The Playbook, which is to be used in the onboarding of external project managers, design teams and general contractors anywhere in the world, will provide guidance on LinkedIn’s project processes, reporting and document management, as well as helping to upskill team members to use the latest digital tools for efficient delivery. Alongside our collaboration with LinkedIn’s Design & Build team, we are engaging with the wider LinkedIn Global Workplace Services (GWS) team. Our focus is to drive smarter, faster and better project delivery to build high-quality LinkedIn offices wherever they’re located.

Our digitally-enabled offer provides the LinkedIn Design & Build team with centralised support for external teams as well as internal stakeholders, regardless of location. In addition, our experts are remotely performing ongoing project health checks to ensure the information available — in near real-time —to the GWS team is accessible, accurate and up-to-date.

AECOM can help

Each facility is different, so please consider allowing AECOM to answer any questions you might have, and to assist as your partner in immediately addressing your most pressing needs. Our staff of engineering consultants is ready to help and guide you through the process, modifications, SOPs, and start-up.

Distributed across the United States, AECOM’s teams are ready to support your community healthcare needs with the following services:

  • Disaster preparedness, response, and recovery planning and strategy development
  • Disaster response program management
  • Access to specialist expertise to support your in-house teams.
  • Communication and outreach
  • Solution design, development and delivery
  • Operational facility re-programming
  • Transportation management to ensure containment during transfer
  • Business continuity consulting
  • Microgrid design and delivery
  • Post-event cleanup and transition consulting

Please contact us to discuss how we can help.

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