Return to service - Safety

The coronavirus pandemic and ensuing return to service are peppered with questions—how do we adapt to an evolving health crisis? How do we return to worksites safely? When?

AECOM’s coordinated approach to the pandemic utilizes occupational nurses and experts in the fields of safety, real estate, legal, travel, procurement, and communications, to address potential risks while responding efficiently to current challenges. As part of our return to service approach, we can evaluate worksite and office trade-offs now to place safety in the foreground while maintaining work on critical projects.

Responding to a global event requires a coordinated approach from a global organization. With 80% of employees working from home and colleagues in southeast Asia beginning the return to pre-coronavirus life, AECOM has experience with all phases of the pandemic’s impacts. Lessons learned from our global offices serve as case studies for how we can return to service effectively and safely in the Americas.

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