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Social distancing, stay-at-home orders, and widespread adoption of remote work have drastically reduced transit ridership and stand to dramatically alter the landscape of the transit industry. While the search for a vaccine continues, action can be taken now to prepare for a gradual, safe return to service.

As vital infrastructure keeping cities and economies moving, transit agencies will have difficult decisions to make. AECOM proposes a three-phase strategy for a return to service, addressing ridership demands and potential regulatory changes. Our partnerships with big data providers and the proprietary algorithms powering AECOM’s Mobilitics™ allow us to evaluate and predict countless ‘what if’ scenarios based on data customized to your ridership, taking the guesswork out of what lies ahead.

Using data from existing asset portfolios and potential community impacts, AECOM’s Plan$pend builds the foundation for informed and justifiable capital expenses. Along with more accurate cost forecasts, Plan$pend uses interactive story boards to make sense of large quantities of data for more effective communication to stakeholders. The AECOM Rider Survey App works in tandem with Plan$pend, taking the pulse of commuters and changes in transit demand. With these analytical tools, the return to service can be fueled by meaningful and actionable data.

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