With the increasing awareness of carbon emissions, our experts are on-hand to deliver robust solutions to help organisations evolve their digital infrastructure with the market.

From increasing capacity, enhancing efficiency or improving security, we can help provide innovative approaches to prepare facilities for a more sustainable and resilient future.

Our approach provides integrated, holistic solutions that bolster our clients’ ability to anticipate, avoid, and absorb threats. We specialize in the design of security systems for critical facilities. We focus on full protection of critical assets so that redundant electrical and mechanical systems are not affected after experiencing an event.

Our structural and mechanical designs guard against natural and man-made hazards for the protection of critical assets and people. AECOM has implemented layered security design for existing buildings converted for large-scale, mission-critical operations as well as for new complexes on greenfield sites.

With experience and lessons learned from our national governments’ work, we are a leader in the design of secure facilities and anti-terrorism/force protection measures.