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From pioneering digital design to developing our own custom software and innovative environmental solutions, we bring the best minds together to solve our clients' biggest challenges. We’re committed to transforming projects through digital delivery and innovation — working with our clients to achieve higher quality, greater reliability, faster delivery and the highest safety standards.

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AECOM is using innovative solutions to solve some of our client’s most complex challenges and transform outcomes for our communities.


At AECOM, we’re focused on delivering innovative solutions to complex challenges, whatever their size or scope, to meet our clients' critical infrastructure needs. Our strong integrated, design, build and operations offering enables us to provide a seamless service, minimising risk, accelerating project delivery and maintaining a world-class safety record


Find out how we’re driving infrastructure’s digital transformation, connecting data and collaborating with key partners to solve our clients’ most complex challenges around the world.

    • Dr Bachar Hakim and Diego Gonzalez Pascual


AECOM's James Banks invites guests from across the industry to discuss the hot topics, key projects and innovations that are helping to solve some of the world's most complex infrastructure challenges.

    • Making the case for digital transformation

    • Offsite modular construction



The digital skills we offer our clients are unmatched. Discover the services we can provide to transform delivery.

    • Efficient and Automated Design + Construction

      Efficient and Automated Design + Construction
    • Data-Driven Asset Management

      Data-Driven Asset Management
    • Data Management and Intelligence

      Data Management and Intelligence


AECOM's global Digital and Innovation network delivers cutting edge solutions to projects all over the world. Contact us to find out how we can help your project.

    • Digital Leader, Americas
    • Chief Digital Officer
    • Digital Leader, Asia
    • Digital Leader, Europe
    • Digital Leader, Canada
    • Digital Leader, Middle East + Africa

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