Digital Cities: Future Differentiating Strategies

Future Differentiating Strategies is the first report in AECOM’s series on Digital Cities.

Digital twins are becoming an extremely powerful, though still largely untapped, analytical tool for cities. As the data available to be mined continues to expand, and technologies become more diverse, the potential to apply them can disrupt and revolutionize how we design, plan, deliver and run cities going forward.

With two thirds of the global population forecast to live in cities by 2050, Future Differentiating Strategies, presents four digital cities use cases across the world and introduces the Digital Ecosystem approach, a strategically orchestrated and interconnected realm to respond and adapt to fast-evolving scenarios towards the ultimate value of creating an accessible, sustainable and resilient world for current and future generations.

Download the report to explore the following:

  • What makes a digital city?
  • Why we need to dream of electric unicorns
  • The tales of four future differentiating city strategies
    • Helsinki 3D+: Developing a dream over three decades
    • UK: The Gemini Principles
    • Toronto: The parallel approach
    • Singapore: Smart Nation
  • Understanding the new language of the digital city
  • Digital ecosystem: Driving the next evolution

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