LinkedIn Project Delivery Optimisation (PDO)


Following our successful management of the project and programme to deliver LinkedIn’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) headquarters in Dublin in 2017, we were asked to set up a Project Delivery Optimisation (PDO) team to apply this process across LinkedIn’s growing portfolio of global workplaces.

To facilitate this, our PDO team is developing a bespoke digital ‘Project Management Playbook’. The Playbook, which is to be used in the onboarding of external project managers, design teams and general contractors, will provide guidance on LinkedIn’s project processes, reporting and document management as well help upskill team members to use the latest digital tools for efficient delivery.

Our unique offer provides the LinkedIn Design & Build team with centralised support for external teams as well as internal stakeholders. In addition, our experts are performing ongoing project health checks to ensure the information available — in near real-time —to the GWS team is accurate and up-to-date. We are driving smarter, faster and better project delivery to build out high-quality LinkedIn offices around the world.

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Greg Flynn
Dublin, Ireland
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