REVITalisation for Design, Construction, and Operations of Pre-World War Buildings

Hong Kong

Located in Mongkok, Hong Kong, this project is a mix of residential and commercial veranda-style houses for redevelopment and preservation. AECOM used Revit and Navisworks for Building Information Modelling (BIM) authoring and design collaboration, allowing all stakeholders to clearly visualise the new building design and its relationship with existing historic fabric. This shortened the design approval from several months to just one month.

We also created a digital twin from the BIM model to brief the contractor. This ensured the contractor understood the construction detail and provided accurate works estimations during the pre-construction phase. It also allowed the building services and smart sensor installation requirements to be reviewed, avoiding clashes and preserving maintenance space. Once built, Autodesk Forge was used to integrate the BIM model with IBM’s Maximo to deliver a BIM Facilities Management (BIM FM) centralized platform, linking the model with the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors installed on site and the building management system data.

Hong Kong’s Urban Renewal Authority (URA) is a pioneer for BIM, BMS and IoT integration. In the future, all URA projects will follow this model to take advantage of a BIM-FM platform. The BIM-FM platform provides one centralised solution for operations and maintenance, which can be easily replicated and integrated into upcoming projects for the same client. Future projects will be added into the dashboard and managed in the same environment. With this system, the site officer can retrieve the maintenance and equipment information effectively from within the system and assess, often without being on site, what the problem is and how it can be solved.

Winner: Building Design – Small Project, Autodesk AEC Excellence Awards 2019

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Thomson Lai
Hong Kong
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