Aecom X Google Cloud Infrastructure Hackathon


The world of infrastructure is changing. Digital twins, immersive imagery and tools to capitalize on the volumes of useful data are redefining modern engineering delivery. With the potential seemingly limitless, our teams are reimagining, creating and delivering a new wave of smart and sustainable infrastructure. We can’t do it alone though – collaboration is the gateway to unlocking potential in this new era.

In this spirit of teamwork, Google Cloud and AECOM co-sponsored a hackathon at Google’s Playa Vista campus. Several of AECOM’s key clients, forward-thinking engineers and data scientists, and the Google Cloud team created solutions to industry challenges over this three-day event. Specifically, they explored the role of data science in predicting transportation safety performance, automating the interpretation of CCTV sewer network data and empowering AECOM engineers to train Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning models relevant to their everyday work.

With a focus on data as our foundation, AECOM and Google Cloud are also exploring the utility of GCP, AI/ML, Maps and other Google Cloud products to offer AECOM’s engineering expertise to clients at scale. Assessing infrastructure, delivering generative design solutions and solving real-world engineering problems through artificial intelligence are just a few of the trajectories of which AECOM’s engineering expertise, paired with Google’s CloudPlatform computing power, have the potential to accelerate.

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Chicago, USA
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