TRIPS: a safe return to transit from doorway to destination


Transportation Resilient Integrated Passenger Solutions (TRIPS) is a holistic approach for helping transit agencies ensure a safe return to service during the global pandemic and beyond. TRIPS considers the full passenger and employee journey from the moment an individual decides to take a trip on mass transit, to arrival at their destination.

By combining knowledge of fare payment, crowd monitoring and control, and systems engineering with expertise in technologies, TRIPS provides an integrated approach that leverages the best available solutions to safeguard transit employees and passengers while restoring public confidence.

Technologies can be used to establish social-distancing procedures, manage the arrival and departure of passengers, and improve communication on agency cleaning and safety protocols. Ensuring the integration of these technologies creates a passenger experience that is both seamless and safe.

For example, before a transit rider even leaves her home, she checks her app which shows station congestion, screen wait times, and even preferred travel times. With this information in hand, she heads to the station. On entering, she scans her phone to open the turnstile which displays her boarding queue. It’s easy to find thanks to the digital signage, and she takes her place in line. Data from cameras facilitate monitoring of station counts and the train arrives at the right time helping to minimize crowding. Passengers disembark at one end of the car and she proceeds with the queue to her assigned boarding door. Once on the train, she clearly sees which seats are open and sits down, relieved to see the digital signage that the train car was cleaned and disinfected just ten minutes prior. At her destination, she follows the digital signs to disembark and as she leaves the train, she sees the counter above the door reduce by one.

The hypothetical example above is just one way that TRIPS harnesses the best technology for each touch point of the passenger journey and integrates them seamlessly to safeguard transit employees and passengers.

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