PFAS comprise a diverse group of synthetic chemicals used for over 80 years in military, industrial and consumer applications. The strength of the carbon-fluorine bond in all PFAS creates attractive characteristics for products used in our everyday lives, including those offering stain resistance, non-stick and waterproofing qualities. Beginning in the 1960s, PFAS became key components of aqueous film forming foams used for Class B firefighting and fire suppression.

PFAS have the ability to travel great distances throughout the environment in water and other materials. Recent sample analysis has detected PFAS in soil, groundwater, surface water, biota, raw and finished water supplies, municipal and industrial wastewater influent, landfill leachate and biosolids.

AECOM has been helping clients tackle PFAS contamination globally since 2001, working on over 400 sites globally. Sites contaminated with PFAS have complex technical, community and legal issues. Recently, sites contaminated with PFAS have received extensive media coverage given the potential adverse impact on many local communities.