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At AECOM, we believe infrastructure creates opportunity for everyone.

Innovation & Digital

Our technical experts and visionaries harness the power of technology to deliver transformative outcomes.


At AECOM, we believe infrastructure creates opportunity for everyone.

Innovation & Digital

Our technical experts and visionaries harness the power of technology to deliver transformative outcomes.


NUI Galway Research Buildings

Galway, Ireland

Our partnership with National University of Ireland Galway NUIG), included the development of three new research buildings located across the main NUIG campus, Northern campus and the University Hospital Galway campus in an ambitious plan to rapidly develop suitable accommodation and facilities to enhance research innovation at the University.

Bio-Science Research Building

This 8,200 square meter three story bio-science research building os located on the NUI Galway northern campus. The building provides high technology science research space dedicated to cancer research, regenerative medicine and chemical biology.

The cutting-edge design encompasses two large open lab suites on each floor, bisected by a three-story atrium and office suites to enhance collaboration and provide a sense of place for the scientists.

The ground and first floors offer open plan laboratory facilities and associated write-up and support spaces, including self-contained cold rooms, tissue culture rooms, special equipment rooms (microscopy, mass spectrometry, flow cytometry labs) office space, seminar rooms, computer rooms, meeting rooms, communal informal meeting and learning areas.

The second floor hosts chemical biology laboratory and bio-resource facility (incorporating a specific pathogen free unit) with decontamination locks, holding rooms, operating room, procedure rooms and cage wash facilities.

The building’s high-energy/low-energy sustainability strategy, drove the positioning of the most mechanically intensive spaces, such as tissue culture and imaging suites, into a zone adjacent to the traditional open lab space. As a result, high-energy use spaces that are densely occupied have direct access to the natural light at the building perimeter. Low-energy use spaces, such as writing carrels, offices and interaction spaces are grouped along the perimeter to optimize natural ventilation and day lighting strategies.

Hardiman Research Building

Located on the NUI Galway main campus, our team developed the 6,000 square meter, three story extension to the existing James Hardiman Library.

The building provides a new home for archives and special collections, digitization, research support and other library services. It is home to NUI Galway’s unique collection of more than 350 literary, theatrical, political and historical archives, and houses the digitized Abbey Theatre archive, one of the world’s largest digital theatre archives.

The HRB offers next-generation graduate, post-graduate, and faculty library space dedicated to academic research. The heart of the building features two reading rooms, designed and furnished to enable individual and collaborative scholarship.

Lambe Institute for Translational Research (Clinical and Translational Research Facility CTRF)

Located on the University Hospital Galway campus, this 5,500 square meter research facility is co-located with the integrated research and clinical building providing high technology science and research facilities.

A joint development by the Health Services Executive (HSE) and NUI Galway, the new facility will support the sharing of expertise and accommodation including HSE patient casework to inform new strands of clinical research.

The Clinical and Translational Research Facility (CTRF) is located on the ground and first floors. The ground floor accommodates two main patient zones, namely the low intensity outpatients and outpatients attending invasive procedures zones, whilst the first floor includes in-patient, staff support and research zones.

The Lambe Institute for Translational Research is located on the second and third floor. The internal planning provides for open and flexible lab spaces with dispersed core lab functions and highly flexible lab casework systems that help to promote interaction. A variety of Passive strategies have also been implemented such as water reclamation, harnessing the building’s internal loads for heating, natural ventilation for cooling, day lighting and the zoning of program elements according to mechanical intensity which together simplified the design, achieved a superior level of performance and reduced cost.


National University of Ireland Galway


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