Equity, diversity and inclusion are core to our vision - a world where infrastructure creates opportunity for everyone.

A look at life inside AECOM

At AECOM, we believe infrastructure creates opportunity for everyone.

Innovation & Digital

Our technical experts and visionaries harness the power of technology to deliver transformative outcomes.


At AECOM, we believe infrastructure creates opportunity for everyone.

Innovation & Digital

Our technical experts and visionaries harness the power of technology to deliver transformative outcomes.


Delivering a better world through program management

At AECOM, we’re united by a common purpose of delivering a better world.

Our global program management business provides the structure, tools, techniques and process to deliver on this vision. By connecting our expertise across services, markets, and geographies, we manage outcome-driven projects that deliver social, economic and environmental value. These include programs of critical national importance in defense, transport, water, clean energy, environmental clean-up, international development and disaster recovery, as well as the shaping of many of the world’s major cities.

Partnering with public and private asset owners as development and delivery partners, we help shape early thinking to deliver transformational change. Committed to service to society and the legacies of the programs we manage, we offer ongoing engagement through the program lifecycle, from day zero to delivery and beyond.


Engaging the best in the world, committed to delivering the best for the world

Led by Drew Jeter, who has 35 years-experience overseeing the delivery of more than $300 billion of capital infrastructure programs, the global team brings the best of our expertise to our clients around the world. Thinking as a whole with our clients and their stakeholders, we are pushing the boundaries of program management to deliver sustainable legacies that will last for generations.

We’ve been listening to our clients, supply chain and the communities we serve and investing in our capabilities to meet their future needs. We’ve engaged people who are not only the best program managers in the world, but who are also committed to delivering the best for the world.

Drew, his leadership team, and the global program management team are here to help you deliver lasting legacies for your communities, institutions, and organizations.

    • Drew Jeter

      Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Program Management Global Business Line
    • James O'Donnell

      Senior Vice President, Operations, Global Program Management
    • Paul Griffiths

      Senior Vice President, Program Management Practice and Capabilities
    • John Kuprenas

      Senior Vice President, Program Management Strategy & Growth
    • Adam Rawlings Smith

      Vice President, Talent Resources, Global Program Management


Like the conductor of an orchestra, we embrace complexity, bringing the interests and actions of a wide variety of different stakeholders together so they breathe, move and focus on the same things at the same time.

Our digital tools and capabilities help us manage a vast array of people, processes and technologies in a way that is outcome focused, encourages collaboration, and minimizes risk.

To be sustainable, programs must be designed to serve future as well as current generations but predicting future requirements is difficult because the associated demand and markets are not yet known. Yet it is only by working with the multiple, complicated connections between projects, political and public sensitivity that we can help identify the combinations for tomorrow’s success.

    • Tales of the unexpected: keeping Maryland's Purple Line on track

    • Weathering the storms: protecting Jeddah now, building it better for the future

    • Social mobility: keeping people on the move in the city that never sleeps

    • From devastation to regeneration: rebuilding New Zealand’s second largest city for a better future

    • Over 30 years and more to come: a history of delivering programs that keep USPS delivering mail

    • Saudi Arabia infrastructure collaboration underpinning the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

    • King Khalid International Airport – A Riyadh Icon Revitalized


    • Program management: How to gain client confidence around cost, risk, and delivery

    • Successful programme management requires an integrated approach

      Colm Tully and Derval Cummins
    • Tales of the unexpected: keeping Maryland’s Purple Line on track

      James Mitchell
    • Improving infrastructure cost estimate accuracy

      Ed Day and Tristan Harvey-Rice
    • Estimate projects better with machine learning technology

      Tristan Harvey-Rice and Edward Day
    • Three reasons why agility is a powerful instrument in the program manager’s toolkit

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