From planning to deployment, support, and infrastructure management, we are delivering services and innovative solutions to cities, utilities, fleet and infrastructure owners around the globe to accelerate the adoption of zero emissions technologies.

The zero emissions transportation future

Cities are continuing to prioritize climate goals with many focused on reducing transportation-related carbon emissions as a critical first step. Zero emissions technologies, such as battery electric vehicles and hydrogen, will reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions and are essential parts of infrastructure modernization. Using zero emission vehicles is only part of the story – moving forward, utilities must upgrade infrastructure and deploy measures to enable and smartly manage vehicle charging while providing additional customer services that are critical to creating a sustainable, resilient, and efficient zero emissions ecosystem.

Our innovative approach to accelerate

As transit agencies and fleet owners transition to battery electric vehicles; airport and marine terminals begin to support heavy-duty hydrogen trucks; and utilities prepare for rapid increases in electric vehicle adoption; our team draws from their transportation, energy, and environmental expertise creating comprehensive and innovative solutions focused on accelerating adoption and developing better system efficiency for users and utilities. 



Working across all sectors of transportation, from transit to goods movement, we're partnering with cities, utilities, and fleet and infrastructure owners to provide the full lifecycle of services as transportation continues to shift to electric.

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Advancing zero emissions technology requires more than adopting different vehicles. Transitioning to electrification calls for new charging infrastructure, grid modernization and innovative delivery options that will accelerate adoption. We are developing tools and business models to apply innovative solutions to how we plan, design, finance and deploy critical transportation and energy infrastructure to drive our zero emissions future.

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Accelerating zero emissions transportation

The shift toward zero emissions transportation requires partnerships between cities, utilities and technology partners. We are establishing partnerships across the industry that will help advance the future of transportation electrification.

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Global Team

Our transportation electrification practice is led by a comprehensive team with expertise ranging from transportation and transit to energy infrastructure and environmental services. We're delivering solutions across all transportation markets to support the shift towards zero emissions around the world.

    • Andrew Bui

      Vice President, Transportation Electrification
    • William Haas

      Associate Vice President, Energy Transition and Electrification
    • Jennifer Aument

      Global Transportation Chief Executive
    • Annika Moman

      Senior Vice President, Global Energy
    • Tom Prendergast

      Executive Vice President, Transportation Systems
    • Sam Mackilligan

      Director, Zero Carbon Energy Systems – United Kingdom
    • Jesse de Vries

      Project Manager, Future Fuels Lead - Europe

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