Developed by AECOM in collaboration with our partners, DE-FLUORO™ is an economically and environmentally sustainable treatment technology that destroys PFAS from contaminated liquids.  Unlike existing treatment technologies, DE-FLUORO™ offers a complete PFAS destruction solution through electrochemical oxidation to non-selectively and sequentially break the carbon-fluorine bonds using a proprietary electrode that is durable and low cost. It can be coupled with non-destructive technologies to deliver a ‘whole of life cycle’ solution, or as a stand-alone onsite destruction technology. 

DE-FLUORO™ is a viable PFAS destruction technology that builds upon successful bench trials, field pilots, as well as large-scale demonstration and commercial programs in Europe, the U.S. and Australia.  It has been commercially deployed on-sites to treat a variety of PFAS-impacted liquids, which has primarily focused on decontamination of firefighting infrastructure and hazardous waste treatment.  These commercial programs undertaken on behalf of federal government and oil and gas clients include treatment of AFFF concentrate, AFFF infrastructure wash water, as well as fire-training and spill recovery wastes. 

The results of these commercial waste treatment projects, as well as the demonstration programs means DE-FLUORO™ is now commercially available to the industry and is a proven on-site PFAS destruction technology for:

  • Wash waters associated with infrastructure cleaning and foam transition programs
  • Industrial wastewaters
  • AFFF concentrate
  • Concentrated waste derived from separation technologies
  • Reverse osmosis brine concentrates
  • Landfill leachate

To assist in evaluating the applicability of the DE-FLUORO™ technology for your project, we have developed smaller, mobile DE-FLUORO™ Evaluation Systems.  Our scientific and engineering services support this evaluation through inspections and a series of environmental tests to optimize the effectiveness of DE-FLUORO™ to reduce PFAS in site derived samples.  This evaluation approach is a cost-effective way to provide confidence that the DE-FLUORO™ technology can be designed and deployed to meet individual PFAS challenges.  Additionally, our team works with client to determine the best approach to treating and reusing or disposing of waste. Our waste treatment and decontamination services involve all levels of complexity, from simple, robust primary treatment to the most complex advanced systems.

Mobile, containerized, closed-loop DE-FLUORO™ treatment systems can be easily deployed and operated either onsite, or set up as permanent treatment hubs and offers an attractive, cost effective and sustainable alternative to address and support the management of PFAS impacted liquids.

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