Developed by AECOM in collaboration with our partners, DE-FLUORO™ is a world-first economically and environmentally sustainable treatment technology that destroys PFAS from contaminated liquids without generating hazardous waste. Unlike existing treatment technologies, DE-FLUORO™ offers a complete PFAS destruction solution through electrochemical oxidation. It can be coupled with non-destructive technologies to deliver a ‘whole of life cycle’ solution, or as a stand-alone onsite destruction technology.

DE-FLUORO™ has been verified across a variety of industry sectors including Government, Aviation, Oil & Gas and Industrial, as well as with remediation water treatment contractors during our ‘Real World’ PFAS Destruction Program. Concentrations of PFAS evaluated to date have ranged from 27 ppb, to in excess of 6,000,000 ppb and included PFAS-impacted surface and groundwater, remediated wastewater and AFFF concentrate with 3M Light Water.

  1. DE-FLUORO™ destroyed between 98% to 100% of all regulated PFAS mass in 75% of samples treated
  2. DE-FLUORO™ destroyed between 90% to 100% of the total PFAS mass in the majority of samples treated
  3. DE-FLUORO™ treats both measurable and unmeasurable PFAS compounds
  4. DE-FLUORO™ treats solutions composed of a range of PFAS compound signatures, including solutions containing a mixture of, or dominated by, sulfonic acids, carboxylates, sulfonamides and fluorotelomers
  5. DE-FLUORO™ is not limited by PFAS concentration nor the presence of other contaminants (organic or inorganic)

The results of the ‘Real World’ PFAS Destruction Program demonstrated that DE-FLUORO™ is a feasible PFAS destructive technology, across a range of industry sectors, varied waste streams and extensive ranges of PFAS concentrations.