Delivering Sustainable Legacies

Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy
Why now

The need for change

In ways that are both devastating and transformational, the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted weaknesses and inequities in the systems that support quality of life and prosperity in our already fragile world. It has led us and our clients to rethink what’s next, reorder priorities and accelerate changes that not only help repair what’s broken, but lead to improved, lasting outcomes.

As the world’s trusted infrastructure consulting firm and a leader in environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), we are determined and well positioned to deliver positive, impactful and sustainable legacies for our company, our communities and our planet.

Questions and answers with AECOM's future leaders

Views on what delivering sustainable legacies means for the next generation.

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Why we are embedding ESG principles in everything we do

CEO Troy Rudd and President Lara Poloni explain our Sustainable Legacies strategy.

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Our strategy

Delivering Sustainable Legacies

With ESG principles embedded into everything we do, the goal of our Sustainable Legacies strategy is straightforward: to ensure that the work we do in partnership with our clients leaves a positive, lasting impact for communities and our planet.​

The strategy has four themes, each of which are detailed below. You can also click the link below to download our entire strategy.

Embed sustainable development and resilience across our work
Improve social outcomes
Achieve net-zero carbon emissions
Enhance governance
Our work

How are we creating sustainable legacies?

Delivering sustainable legacies is a multi-layered topic. At a micro level, the focus tends to be on sustainability here and now: energy strategies to reduce emissions, offsetting and other mitigation tactics, sustainable development, resiliency, and the creation of a waste-free circular economy. At a macro level sustainability takes a global approach to consumption over the long term in the interests of the planet and the whole of society.

In line with this and reflecting post-pandemic priorities, we have developed four themes of our sustainable legacies strategy: embedding sustainable development and resilience across our work, improving social outcomes (including equity, diversity and inclusion), achieving net-zero carbon emissions and enhancing governance.

Embedding sustainable development and resilience across​ our work

Although it’s not possible to prepare for all eventualities, resiliency plans reduce the risk and impact of events and make recovery times faster. Our services range from assessing vulnerabilities to climate adaptation strategies and resiliency planning.

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Improving social outcomes

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s the importance of social values such as health, quality of life, and social inclusion. Promoters of infrastructure projects are increasingly looking for ways to assess and promote these difficult-to-measure values.

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Achieving net-zero carbon emissions

We are helping clients achieve their carbon targets through energy strategies, services to manage and reduce the contribution of greenhouse gas emissions, and nature-based solutions that work with and enhance natural habitats to take advantage of their ability to sequester carbon.

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Enhancing governance

So that our actions as a company are as impactful and enduring as possible, we have adapted our corporate governance framework/strategy.

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