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It’s more important than ever for organisations to adopt environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) commitments, and take action to deliver a better world. We’re here to partner with you at every stage, from concept to design and delivery.

Our Strategy

With ESG principles embedded into everything we do, the goal of our Sustainable Legacies strategy is straightforward: to ensure that the way we run our business, and the work we do in partnership with our clients, leaves a positive, lasting impact for communities and our planet.

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Our services

Nature-based solutions

We draw from science, engineering, and our knowledge of nature to create sustainable solutions.

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We have established relationships that support Executive Order 14072: Strengthening the Nation’s Forests, Communities and Local Economies, which focuses on NbS as the tool to improve the resilience of our lands, waters, wildlife and communities in the face of climate change.

Service in a nutshell

We employ nature-based solutions (NbS) to identify, minimize and recover from the impacts of climate change while working to create a more resilient, biodiverse and sustainable world.

Areas of expertise

Our team’s expertise captures a full breadth of services and technical practices that spans four broad areas under the NbS umbrella. These include:

Climate vulnerability

Understanding climate vulnerability through climate vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning.

Physical resilience

Employing physical resilience and infrastructure through the design and planning of living shorelines, flood resilience, hazard mitigation and recovery, wildfire hardening, wildlife crossings, and advance mitigation.

Natural capital accounting

Conducting baseline NbS economic assessments of landscape assets and optioneering to determine the best dollar for effort future alternative.

Natural climate solutions

Assisting our clients with understanding the state of natural climate solutions and the voluntary carbon market to provide opportunities and avenues for sustainable investment towards a net zero carbon future.

Remedial solutions

Providing remedial solutions that are cost-effective, nature-based, and sustainable, including socially inclusive redevelopment strategies.

What we do

We draw from science, engineering and our knowledge of nature to create sustainable solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our specialized and fully integrated team of engineers, ecologists, environmental scientists, economists, urban planners, regulatory experts, hydrodynamic modeling specialists, landscape architects and community engagement advisors apply our technical expertise and experience incorporating NbS design elements into traditional projects using the best available scientific and climate data to inform methodology for the most sustainable outcomes.

We approach your project needs through a multidisciplinary lens to address services from conceptual design through implementation. We work together in the climate adaptation and resilience arena to foster growth towards more sustainable and resilient coastlines and waterfronts, evaluate natural capital, apply nature-based features as a mode to progress physical resilience, enhance ecosystem services and employ natural climate solutions as a pathway towards net zero.

Who we work with

To deliver sustainable legacies, it is important for us to work with local communities and natural landscapes to understand existing systems and to identify long-term solutions. We partner and collaborate with local communities, clients and stakeholders – from the site-specific scale to national programs - across various sectors. From coastal and riverine resilience, wildfire resilience, water supply, transportation, energy and utilities, sustainability, and urban and rural landscapes. Our clients span the public and private sectors, including Fortune 100 companies, non-profits and non-governmental organizations to state and federal agencies.

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