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It’s more important than ever for organisations to adopt environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) commitments, and take action to deliver a better world. We’re here to partner with you at every stage, from concept to design and delivery.

Our Strategy

With ESG principles embedded into everything we do, the goal of our Sustainable Legacies strategy is straightforward: to ensure that the way we run our business, and the work we do in partnership with our clients, leaves a positive, lasting impact for communities and our planet.

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How to tackle your Scope 3 emissions to achieve net zero: webinar

Our ESG Advisors lift the lid on AECOM's approach to Scope 3 emissions reduction.

Ryan Burrows

Hosted by Robert Spencer, Global Head of ESG Advisory Services, and Ryan Burrows, Global Sustainability Manager, this webinar will take you through the Scope 3 decarbonization opportunity and how AECOM is tackling this critical emissions reduction in partnership with our supply chain.

In this practical session we share key learnings from our approach to addressing our Scope 3 emissions – how we built our team, addressed the data challenge, established our process and engaged with our supply chain. We finish with some lessons learnt and some thoughts on the road ahead, as this journey is by no means over for us!

What you'll learn

- The opportunity: reducing Scope 3 emissions is key to net zero

- The approach: putting a plan together to address your Scope 3 emissions based on key learnings from our experience

- The suppliers: how to get your suppliers on board based on our current program

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If you’re curious to learn more about anything you’ve seen from Robert or Ryan please get in touch below, or connect with them on LinkedIn where we’ll be keeping the #Scope3 conversation going.