Our ESG Services

It’s more important than ever for organisations to adopt environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) commitments, and take action to deliver a better world. We’re here to partner with you at every stage, from concept to design and delivery.

Our Strategy

With ESG principles embedded into everything we do, the goal of our Sustainable Legacies strategy is straightforward: to ensure that the way we run our business, and the work we do in partnership with our clients, leaves a positive, lasting impact for communities and our planet.

Our work

A greener commute

Transportation demand management to reduce carbon emissions, providing Connecticut with a greener commute through CTrides.

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Improving customer service and loyalty while reducing carbon emissions

CTrides is a Connecticut state-wide, worksite-based transportation demand management (TDM) program that we have managed since its inception, contributing to its growth and scope. Notably, we’ve introduced steps to reduce carbon emissions since 2011, helping commuters find greener ways to work, school and entertainment.

CTrides encompasses a wide array of services and amenities including travel options information, ride-matching, shared-ride travel rewards, regional and statewide events and program communications support through both traditional and social media. To date, more than 400 employer and stakeholder partners have participated in the program, while the rideshare database has grown from 15,000 to over 50,000 members.

Connecting through rail

In tandem with CTrides, we have additionally provided strategic assistance and marketing support for the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s (CTDOT) Office of Rail which includes improvements to all the state-owned commuter rail services under the CTrail umbrella.

Our TDM professionals manage the customer service, communications, marketing, public relations, and IT support on the CTrail Hartford Line and Shore Line East services. These myriad services include operating a customer support 24/7 multi-lingual call center, the development and operation of a real-time service alert system for customers and managing the CTrail brand through multiple websites and social media outlets.

An app to track commuter behavior

CTrides piloted several new science-based approaches to analyzing and changing behavior through behavioral economics and data analytics. These programs encourage general commuter engagement and also employer and employee participation, ultimately resulting in a larger shift towards ridesharing in commuter behavior.

Part of the data collection effort was supported by developing an app in conjunction with the CTDOT to track commuter travel. The app became integral to an annual month-long “Drive Less Connecticut Challenge” campaign which occurs each May. Commuter information gleaned from the app informs forthcoming marketing initiatives in addition to promoting a robust rewards program for participants. Rewards for commuters who have participated in the program include everything from month-long rail passes to bike credits to gas cards. In June of 2022, this campaign eliminated 16,401 car trips.

Commuter savings

For employers, the CTrides program continues to be a valuable no-cost service that provides worksite assessments, customized transportation demand management plans and engaging onsite programming like lunch-and-learns.

In 2019, our CTrides team was recognized with a National Excellence in Research Award by the Association for Commuter Transportation for its work with Behavioral Economics. Both the CTrail and CTrides programs have had a profound impact on the air quality and health of the commuting public throughout the state.

To date, CTrides services have led to commuter savings of more than 216 million miles, over 9.8 million gallons of gas, and the prevention of greenhouse gas emissions in excess of 96,000 tons.