Case Study
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More accessible community engagement with our virtual consultation tool

An interactive web-based tool for broader, more inclusive community engagement

We created an interactive web-based tool that makes community engagement more accessible and resilient. Online consultations which stakeholders can access from their computer or mobile device allow clients to engage with a wider audience who cannot attend in-person meetings.

The platform we developed allows virtual events to be personalized. Consultation materials can be animated using virtual reality and sound demonstrations, videos, maps, plans and pop up banners. The tool allows for instant feedback so public reaction can be captured and saved for analysis and accurate reporting. There is also a chat function so on-hand experts can remotely answer questions as visitors look around the materials, similar to what would take place during an in-person event.

The use of digital engagement enables stakeholders and communities to understand proposals, allowing them to provide an informed response and participate in the consultation process. This tool has the potential to reach a wider audience, allowing more widespread buy-in for major infrastructure projects. This remote approach to stakeholder engagement provides our clients and partners with a resilient solution to any consultation process.